View. Julie Flying Fish Press. Chen.


Berkeley, CA: Flying Fish Press, 2007. One of 100 copies, each signed and numbered on the inside of the box by the author, artist, and designer, Julie Chen. Box: 13-3/4 x 6-1/4 x 4-3/4 inches, wrapped in dull gold and oyster white Japanese book cloths with title printed in black on green paper label; closure in green paper and oyster-colored book cloth over book board with title printed in black; closure with magnet and corresponding magnet in case. The box contains two books: MISE EN SCENE and AFTERIMAGE, both printed letterpress. MISE EN SCENE is printed on a single long sheet of grey paper with laser cut outs. The page is inserted between the top lighter grey page and the bottom grey-green page. The cut-out text on gray paper gives the illusion of floating freely in space when the book is opened. MISE EN SCENE is bound accordion style with green cloth over boards with a lighter grey-green cloth and paper label in green printed with title in black and sewn with grey thread on the exterior edge. AFTERIMAGE text is printed in black on grey-green paper that is bound accordion style between double fold of green paper silkscreen printed with tree limbs in darker green. The text is behind Mylar and appears in laser cutouts in the page spread. The two books are housed on each side of the box. In the center of the box is a still life of water and trees. This diorama is made of concrete, resin with trees made for architectural models and is behind Plexiglas that is hinged at the top and can be opened from the bottom. Once again, Ms. Chen has created an intricate book / object. The execution is flawless, but not simply as a display of virtuosity. Rather, the physical object is designed to engage the reader / viewer in conveying her text, and she succeeds admirably. Item #9927

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