Hand-painted and lettered broadside by well-known book artist Suzanne Moore. For more information about the work of this talented artist, contact us directly.


Welcome to Priscilla Juvelis Rare Books. We specialize in 20th century book arts, including fine printing, fine binding, calligraphy, and artist’s books.  We have a large inventory of contemporary private press books, including Vincent FitzGerald & Company, Verdigris Press, Press of the Sea Turtle (formerly Cheloniidae Press), Red Angel Press, Flying Fish Press, Charles Hobson's Pacific Editions, Perishable Press and bindings by the finest artists working today, particularly Donald Glaister and Coleen Curry.

We have a complete inventory of Ediciones Dos Amigos, the private press of Samuel Cesar Palui and Ernesto Lowenstein of Buenos Aires, Argentina, creators of beautiful limited editions featuring Latin American artists and authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda, and Julio Cortazar, among others. We stock many artist's books, including unique items by Suzanne Moore, Nancy Leavitt, Jan Owen, Barry McCallion, Sandra Jackman, Dorothy Krause, Elizabeth McKee, Paul Maurer, Richard Reitz Smith, Claire Satin, and Cig Harvey, as well as the limited editions of William T. Vollmann, Sarah Plimpton, Laura Davidson, Shawn Sheehy, Peter Kingston, and Sandra Wascher-James, among others.