Red Thread Two Women. Images & Design by Charles Hobson. Paula Pacific Editions. Sager, Lizbeth Hamlin.
Red Thread Two Women. Images & Design by Charles Hobson.

Red Thread Two Women. Images & Design by Charles Hobson.

San Francisco, CA: Pacific Editions, 2006. One of 38 copies, all on BFK Rives and Strathmore papers incorporating hand-colored cotton and jute twine, each signed and numbered by the two poets and artist / designer, Charles Hobson, who assembled the edition with the assistance of Alice Shaw. Page size: 7-1/2 x 8 inches; 48pp. Bound: two signatures sewn in an accordion structure, fabric and paper over boards, red printed label on spine; housed in fabric-covered slipcase with red jute twine ties. The design of the book incorporates twine which actually weaves through the text. Inspired by the poem and evoking the experience explored in the text, the string / thread acts like a drawn line and can be moved around by the reader to change the "drawing" and the experience. The reverse folds of the book contain images of beets to accentuate characteristics of the poem. The string-like roots and the fullness and ripeness of the vegetable shapes recall and emphasize the individual words from the poem that the artist has chosen to reprint with the images: voice, awaken, heart, distance, breath, birth.
The poets, Paula Sager and Lizbeth Hamlin, are practioners and teachers of Authentic Movement, a practice that is concerned with the exploration of relationship. In its simplest form there is a mover and a witness. The mover, with eyes closed, waits for an impulse to move. The witness follows or tracks his or her own experience while being present and attentive to the mover. Their poem is rhythmic and flowing, an exploration of insight, discovery and personal revelation which is aimed at showing how we as human beings long to relate.
Charles Hobson created the images and reproduced them in hand-colored high resolution digital prints. The text was set by Mr. Hobson in Cantoria MT Light following the authors' original spacing and printed offset. Each page is a visual delight with the text weaving, swooping and dipping around the red cotton and jute twine, sometimes under the threads with the ensuing shadows, but always carrying forward the theme of connectedness. The reader is propelled forward, following the motion of the words with the implicit motion of the "thread" of the book. Once again, Charles Hobson has taken text and conceived of, and created, a structure that embodies that text. The reader / viewer is the richer for it. We are presented with a concept, and it is explored in the text and then again in the book's structure. And the beets / beats ... ! They are the organic imagery that not only move the eye forward but hold the eye with pleasure for at least a beat or two. One could dance to this book, and I suspect that was the intent of authors and artist. Item #9924

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