Self Portraits by Women Artists Holding Palettes. Jean Segaloff.

Self Portraits by Women Artists Holding Palettes.

Cambridge, MA: 2014. Unique artist's book, on Arches hot pressed watercolor paper, signed by the artist, Jean Segaloff, on the last image. Page size: 7 x 6.5 inches: 14pp. Bound: pages hinged with metal screws on boards covered with painted paper on front panel, custom-made clamshell box with deep cerulean blue label stamped in gold with the title, box by Cynthia Fields-Belanger. The images are accomplished in acrylic medium, watercolor, gouache, pen, alkyd oil paint and pencil and collaged onto board. A separate page of text, on Arches paper printed in black, lists the 7 artists: 1. Elisabet Vigee LeBrun, 2. Nora Heysen, 3. Judith Leyster, 4. Ellen Emmet Rand, 5. Emily Eardler Childers, 6. Elisabetta Sirani, 7. Anna Bilinska-Bohdanowicz. Each artist is pictured with her palette - as if caught in the middle of work. The portrait of each is accompanied by a brief biography. The images are compelling - with the artist gazing out intentely at the reader - as if challenging us to dispute their status as artist. Evoking the book jacket for Germaine Greer's s seminal book, THE OBSTACLE RACE: THE FORTURES OF WOMEN PAINTERS AND THEIR WORK (1979), we savor the artist's whose work did survive to be documented. Item #10759

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