The Jumblies from THE BOOK OF NONSENSE. Edward Caliban Press. Lear.

The Jumblies from THE BOOK OF NONSENSE.

Canton, NY: Caliban Press, 2007. One of 200 copies, all on mould-made St. Armand paper (white for the text and tomato for the covers, hand-made aqua for envelope), signed and numbered by the printer / artist, Mark McMurray. Page size: 5-3/8 x 4-3/8 inches; 8pp. Bound: accordion-style fold out with "tomato" wrappers at each end, front wrapper with title, author, and press and colophon on rear wrapper, housed in blue envelope with title printed in black, four folds of envelope are each a half circle folding into one another so that, when folded properly, the title is completely visible, fine. Hand set and printed letter press by Mark McMurray who has used two types for the text: 11pt. monotype Baskerville comp. and 42pt. handset Caslon. The envelope is printed with wood type. The opening lines are set along the bottom of all 8 pages in bold. The middle page has a volvelle that is a hand colored photoengraving of Lear's pen and ink of the Jumblies with "pea green sail" in the sieve boat with tiny holes actually punched (with Japanese hole punch) into the image which sits up away from the page so the holes are visible and the boat looks as if it were rocking. The Jumblies do indeed have blue hands and green faces and sit in their sieve around a crockery jar and flag pole. Edward Lear published NONSENSE SONGS, STORIES, BOTANY AND ALPHABETS in 1871, where "The Jumblies" first appeared. A charming edition of a classic for children of all ages. Item #9980

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