Black Palette. Sarah Plimpton.

Black Palette.

New York: 2004. First Edition, one of 20 copies signed by the artist / author all on hand-made Magnani Pescia paper. Bound: loose as issued in black wrappers, housed in black silk - shot through with copper glints - clamshell box, with copper iridescent paper at all edges and spine, lettered in black on copper paper spine. 20pp; each of these 20 pages with original aquatint (in black, grays, and browns) by Sarah Plimpton, six poems printed letterpress in Walbaum type. The poems are: Black Palette, Spilled Light, Half Day, Color as Cold, Breath, Day to Day. The aquatints were printed by Peter Pettengill in Hinsdale, New Hampshire; the text was printed at the Grenfell Press in New York City by Leslie Miller. The box was made by Claudia Cohen who has embodied lines from Plimpton's first poem in the box, "I tied the eyes together / and mixed the colors / black / the sun burned through..." as the black fabric used on the box is woven with copper as well as black threads, resulting in a black shot through with glints of sunlight. In all, a somber, elegant presentation of Plimpton's moving verses. The abstract images are organic in a way that always makes them move menacingly toward the poetry: taking aim, breathing fire, finally kept within some confines, acknowledging Plimpton's verse, "...but the sun had come through..."
The artist tells us, "Black has always had an attraction for me - Black as in night, as in infinite space, the night sky, the black of the crow, every question seems to start and stop with black - black as soot, velvet black. Objects of color seem of this world, black draws to another." Item #9471

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