O Excesso Mais Perfetto / L'exces le plus parfait. Poem by Ana Luisa Amaral. Translated to French by Isabel Meyrelles. Mezzotints by Judith Rothchild.

Octon, France: Verdigris Press, 2019. Artist's book, one of 20 copies (1 deluxe, 19 regular) all on grey and cream BFK Rives and Hahnemuhle for the mezzotint, each copy signed and numbered by the artist, Judith Rothchild and the author, Ana Luisa Amaral. Page size: 11.5 inches x 16.5 inches;10pp including colophon and a double-page mezzotint, signed and numbered on the verso in red by the artist, Judith Rothchild. Bound: loose as issued in custom-made clamshell box by Mark Lintott with tan cloth spine with crimson and grey silkscreen print of a rose brocade on spine and front and back panels, interiors trays of box fitted with same brocade screen print but with alternative colors (much bolder scarlet and crimson). Mark Lintott has printed the text of Amaral's wonderful poem in 24pt. Vendome romain on a Vandercook press. Titlepage with titles set in deep red and the author and artist's names in black. The printer also set the type and created the Portuguese accents so prevalent in the author's own text. Ana Luisa Amaral's poem starts (in English translation) "I wanted a tensely breathing, / immodest poem / with all the curvaceous elegance of baroque women...A poem Rubens would have envied..." The poet goes on to cite what she did NOT want: "Something that went beyond the Greek ideals of equilibrium." The artist has responded with all the luxury that can be derived from a mezzotint still life: Rembrandt's perfect shell, an Allium, pottery, feather, and the rose brocade table covering used to such advantage in the screen prints on the clamshell box. This print is repeated on the verso of each text page - but each with color variations. Ana Luisa Amaral (1956-) is a Professor of Comparative Poetics, Feminist Studies, and Poetry at the University of Porto. Her first volume of poetry was published in 1999 and has been translated into English, French, Spanish, among other languages. She has been awarded Portugal's most important prize for poetry as well as the Italian Giuseppe Acerbi Prize. She is the author of over 12 children's books as well as a play. "The Most Perfect Excess" is a poem perfectly suited to the rich art of Judith Rothchild's mezzotints and screen prints. Item #11496

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