Typewriter Book III, Black with Ribbons. Claire Jeanine Satin.

Typewriter Book III, Black with Ribbons.

Dania Beach, FL: 2019. Unique artist's book, from a series of at least 7, this book on black PolyShrink / shrink plastic (about the thickness of card stock), signed and dated by the artist, Claire Jeanine Satin, in black on the colophon which is a clear acetate card, 1.5 x 1 inch, affixed to book with black monofilament and black gromets and jet beads. Page size: 8.5 x 5-7/8 inches; 20pp; ten of which with polychrome unused typewriter ribbons (either red and black, white and black, blue and black, pink and black) four to a page, cut to specific lengths and the ink sealed to prevent any staining, the ribbons extending beyond the pages by 2 inches each, forming a fringes at the foredge. Bound by the artist: sewn black monofilaments laced through gutter with tiny gromet stops interior and exterior. Exterior filaments left long with 8 used typewriter keys attached to ends and each in varying lengths, one reproduction typewriter key (copy of antique manual key). Black mesh slipcase to hold closed book, black archival lidded box. The covers and interior pages have four lines of hand-written text in gold or silver ink, lines alternating with random typed letters on transparent acetate. The imagery on the pages is extracted from a 1939 workbook, ART TYPING which Claire Satin's father used in his typewriter classes when designs might be created by moving the carriage in various ways. The texts are all excerpted from the book "M" by John Cage, based on the number 13 and it's multiples, i.e. the first line of the 13th page and the 13th page of the book "M" "facilitating processes so that anything can" and "advance with whatever will happen".
Claire Jeanine Satin, greatly influenced by the work of John Cage, has used the concept of "chance," "indeterminacy" and "multiplicity of answers" in her art. The typewriter, with keys that might also be struck at random as well as in order to compose text, is a natural subject for her inquiries into "chance." Item #11486

Price: $2,500.00

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