Item #11485 Among the Stars. Text excerpted from the Duino Elegies. Jan. Rainer Maria Rilke Owen.

Among the Stars. Text excerpted from the Duino Elegies.

Belfast, ME: 2019. Unique artist's scroll, on Hollytex polyester, mounted as hanging scroll, signed by the artist, Jan Owen, and dated on the paper board rolling tube, with cord hanger affixed. Housed in custom-made yellow-painted lidded box with hand-lettered label in gold, AMONG THE STARS, on black paper on lid. Page size: 24 x 12 x 2 inches; 9pp; but various sizes starting with shortest and widest which is lettered in gold and black on red ground and ending with black sheet lettered in gold, with 3 black sheets and one gold, the last black sheet painted with gold suggesting starry night sky. Rilke's verse is in English as well as German and Binary Code. The two circles on the second page, with gold text on gold ground, lettered and shaped to fit in the spheres, is a marvel. The gold page with the names of stars in black and gold is lettered horizontally rather than the vertical of the first page. The interplay of page colors, different colors ink, sizes of each sheet, and the translucency of the Hollytex combine to make an ever-changing, provocative view of Ms. Owen's illusion of the night sky. Orbs contrast with rectangular and / square text blocks and all may be glimpsed through the translucent pages, leaving the viewer / reader to wonder at what is meant to be seen and what is not. This is a subtle work of great beauty and elegance. Item #11485

Price: $1,300.00