Item #11451 Exit. Poem by Susan Weiner Interpreted by Rosemarie Chiarlone. Rosemarie Chiarlone.

Exit. Poem by Susan Weiner Interpreted by Rosemarie Chiarlone.

Miami Beach, FL: 2019. Artist's book / scroll, unique, hand embroidered on grey industrial felt, in white cotton thread by the artist Rosemarie Chiarlone, signed by the artist on the hand-written colophon on archival polyester matte film, laid into the rolled scroll, as well as in black marker on the end of the scroll where felt is stapled to spool. Wound around and affixed to a vintage wooden spool, 11 x 6 inches, opening to 69 inches unrolled; the felt scroll is secured with a deer tan cowhide strap, the text is revealed as the scroll is unrolled. The words are not read left to right but around, up and down, all nonetheless quite legible. This piece of shaped poetry is an extraordinary visual art, the embroidered text meaningfully interpreted. The text reads: The embroidered letters have threads dangling suggestively to NOT point the way out and giving no clue as to the "there" - with the irregularly shaped letters (often in the same word) capturing attention and provoking closer observation and thought. Text: "Any there / There? / How / To exit / Left / Right / Wrong / ? / ?" A tour de force from artist Rosemarie Chiarlone. Item #11451

Price: $2,500.00

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