Uplift. Sande Wascher-James.


Langley, WA: 2019. Unique artist's book, fan structure using Turkish Map Fold units of various hand-made and commercially made papers, signed by the artist on the front panel in white, Sande Wascher-James, with the title and date. Book size: 24 inches long x 5 inches wide x 10 inches high when unfolded. Housed in half blue cloth and half red cloth with ribbon band of red, white and blue paper dividing box, all over boards box with lid, box is square, and UPLIFT sits in it occupying two sides parallel to each other. inserted into five of the folded pockets is a cardstock cutout of a woman - with arms held low for the first two, arms at shoulder height for the next two and the middle insert is a woman with arms reaching overhead (as if in victory). The artist was inspired by the struggle for women's equality. Positioning the figure with arms overhead as the central figure, standing taller than the 2 figures with their arms at shoulder level clearly indicates that we have stood on the shoulders of those that came before. The interior of the box is half red and half blue cloth and it lined with he lovely floral-patterned red, white, and blue paper that is used to mark the join on the outside of the box of the red and blue cloth. The colors of the "fan" go from blue to red. Also contained in the box is a black cloth over boards stand on which to mount the fan. While there are no words in this piece, the intent is clear. Discrimination based on sex has been pervasive throughout history, but it cannot stop women from achieving their goals. The central figure, rising above the structure with arms raised in a gesture of success, is symbolic and powerful. Item #11449

Price: $3,500.00

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