Consequence. Poem by Susan Weiner, Interpreted by Rosemarie Chiarlone. Rosemarie Chiarlone.

Consequence. Poem by Susan Weiner, Interpreted by Rosemarie Chiarlone.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 2019. Unique artist's book, poem hand embroidered with cotton thread on silk organza "pages" sewn to silk chiffon backing "pages", hand-written colophon laid into the box holding CONSEQUENCES, black ink on archival polyester matte film sheet. Page size: 14 x 14 inches; if displayed "unbound" with each page of verse hung separately, the wall would have to be 72 x 58 inches to accommodate the 28 pieces of silk organza. Bound: each piece looped on a masonry nail with hand-sewn "buttonhole" opening; housed in tan book cloth-over-boards lidded box by Ingrid Schindall, with masonry nail inserted in an indentation on the lid; the masonry nail inside the box on which the silk organza is hung is embedded in the base of the box.
Text reads: "Single handed / Fascination / Hand on heart / waving blue / no doubt / just go / On board / piled high / sucking fumes / no more room / living the dream
Butterflies flutter / free for / their short life / outside of / their cocoon / never mind / Consequences"
Rosemarie Chiarlone has created a book of haunting beauty: ephemeral and elusive but still powerful. The text is hand stitched in red, sometimes one word per sheet, sometimes several words. The words are not arranged on each sheet in the same way; some read horizontal and some vertical and some on the diagonal. The diversity emphasizes the text. The text is a meditation on the plight of refugees around the world while the art emphasizes the ephemeral nature of life. Exhibited in "SKYWAY 20/21: A CONTEMPORARY COLLABORATION' at USF Contemporary Art Museum. Item #11434

Price: $5,500.00

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