Wayfinding. Julie Flying Fish Press. Chen.


Berkeley, CA: Flying Fish Press, 2019. Artist's book, one of 50 copies, all on various handmade papers, each copy signed and numbered by the artist / author / designer / publisher, Julie Chen. Page size: outside box 9 x 16 x 4.5 inches; opening to full width of 42 inches, featuring two distinct sections, each section with an original cast paper bas-relief preceding the text pages of each side, the first section titled "Tangible" and the second "Abstract." The third section is "Coalescent" followed by the Colophon. The third has semefore flags as a visual printed motif with written text and a three dimensional cut-out of the same semefore images on the verso and a third cast paper sculpture with text on the recto. The author explains, "Wayfinding examines the relationship between physical and mental learning through the context of navigation through time and space. The piece focuses the reader's experience on the physicality of the book as object ... " More is involved than page turning; the reader / viewer takes in the meaning through text and manipulating the images. The artist has proven herself a master at movable books; this is such a book. Ms. Chen notes this book was inspired by a series of conversation with her daughter, Eleanor Chen-Ranstrom, about pattern, texture, perception and learning. John Sullivan assisted with the wonderful cast paper elements and Asa Nakata with the polished, elegant structure. Item #11423

Price: $3,000.00