Vanishing Ice. Jean Segaloff.

Vanishing Ice.

Cambridge, MA: 2019. Artist's book, one in a series of three, all on various papers including BFK Rives etching paper for hand-watercolored drypoints and computer Graphix Matte vellum for text, drypoints mounted to black paper by KOLO with black ribbon at interior edge, signed by the artist, Jean Segaloff, and hand-numbered on the artist's statement page which is bound in the front, serving as titlepage and introduction as well. Page size: 12 x 10.5 inches; 32pp; 16 of which are printed on or etched. Bound by the artist, Jean Segaloff: blue cloth over boards fastened with steel screws at the left edge as in old-time photo albums; hand-watercolored drypoint mounted on yellow cloth collaged to middle of front panel, blue and white dot Chiyogami Japanese endpapers, housed in black cloth over boards clamshell box with label printed in black on blue paper collaged to spine, box by Allie Rosenthal The artist's inspiration comes from the disappearance of icebergs in Western Antarctica. She notes that "differences in shape, color, structure and texture create an alternative form of sculpture. Seen from below, the icebergs, secured by their own weight, look almost muscular...The arts are an alternative way to document the existence of vanishing ice." The artist has created nine hand-watercolored drypoint etchings of icebergs from a variety of perspectives and in entrancing blues and greens. Some are viewed from below and appear gem-like. Others are depicted from above the waterline while others are abstract renderings of free-floating chunks of a broken iceberg. The artist notes in the text for one etchinh that glaciers from East Antarctica's Amery Shelf collect a fine powder of iron ore as they flow over bedrock towards the ocean. The sediment mixes with the reflected blue ice causing the icebergs to appear green. The jewel-like etched images provoke a mixed response: pleasure at the beauty depicted and despair for our vanishing world. This is a lovely depiction of one of nature's wonders while serving as a warning to mankind. Item #11417

Price: $2,500.00

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