Bestiary. Barry McCallion.


East Hampton, NY: 2016. Unique artist's book, on elephant dung paper, initialed by the artist / author on the colophon and dated, "BMcC./ 2016" and signed in full on front matter. Page size: 10 x 5 inches; 48pp; including front and back covers which also contain images of animals. Bound: leporello-style housed in binders board portfolio covered in tan and black printed batik paper. The pages are composed of twenty-two animals printed from Casey Rubber Stamps (2 of each animal in different compositions) including elephant, rhinosceros, armadillo, hippopotamus, cat and dog etc. Each stamp is collaged onto another piece of brown St. Armand linen paper cut in an enlarged shape of the animal stamp and surrounded by various other onlays of papers and foils forming flowers, trees, reeds, grass with clouds and sun above. The page designs are quite varied from animal to animal as are the papers used for the collages. While there are two pages (front and back) devoted to each animal, each page is a different composition. The animal name is hand-lettered on each page in brown ink. The author notes in the colophon that "The elephant, being a natural mixer and mulcher, someone had the idea of making paper from the end product." Each page shows an animal in motion and turning the pages, the reader has the impression that he is following the creature through a fantasy habitat. A charming bestiary. Item #11409

Price: $3,500.00

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