Interval. Sandra Jackman.


[New York, NY]: 2019. Artist's book, unique, mixed media including pen and ink drawing, hand-lettered text, collaged hand-paintings as well as a few images from comic books collaged, all on blue paper, signed by the author / artist, Sandra Jackman, and dated on the titlepage. Page size: 3 x 3.5 inches; 57pp. Bound: by Fine Bindings in black and blue cloth over boards the spine solid and the boards covered with a painted blue fabric, both panels and spine covered with collaged hand-painted paper panels with text in red, white and blue strips, small head of an animal at the bottom of the front panel cut from leather between the red and white painted and lettered paper strips; blue and white headbands, housed in cloth drawstring bag decorated with a grove of trees with title lettered in white ink for carrying. For display, a glass and brass hexagon gazebo 12 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches tall, in which the book stands, is an elegant house for the book. The gazebo has a chain at the top with a small un-removable paper scroll, along with a tiny silver fly, also dangling from the chain, the scroll written in gold ink, containing a quote by George Santayana, which is inaccessible - adding to the mysterious ambience of this book / book object.
The artist's statement tells us that INTERVAL is " the gap between the scene and seen and is created for a visual / silent reading, the text and the setting may or may not agree. There is no light to light the way. The conversations, observations and setting are represented on a commercially produced blue paper…symbolic perhaps of what can occur out of the blue." The artist's suggested summary, Other readers may have other ideas…unrelated,… Dissonance is the theme and division is the game; absurdity is the result. A graphic novel for our times. Item #11403

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