John's Apples. Thirteen Paintings by John Wilde. Twelve Poems by Reeve Lindbergh.

[Mt. Horeb, WI: The Perishable Press, 1995]. First edition this, inscribed by the author, Reeve Lindbergh, in the year of publication, one of 125 numbered copies, on 10 different papers. Page size: 9-7/8 x 6-3/4 inches, 102pp; 78 of which printed. Bound by the printer: drab paper over boards with rondel cut-out on upper panel showing color image of two Golden Delicious apples (one with bite mark), publisher's red pencil notation on illustration, linen spine, new. Printed on a Heidelberg CPC and an old Vandercook, the 14pt. Stempel Syntax was set by hand. Perishable Press's announcement of this book tells us that this is "Ostensibly, a children's book concerning apples via the paintings and poems. More apparently there is a[n]…agenda concerning 'admission of structure' which is an attempt to show how books grow from idea to artifact. Right off, the unfinished-looking front cover is Not glued down and two of the seven signatures are left uncut and untrimmed, replete with colorbars, etc.!" "An absolute pedagogical necessity for the children of all well-to-do graphic designers." The poems are charming, the images beautiful, but the book's structure is the real star, with pages reproduced in parts and/or in reverse in the back on various papers, some pages French fold, etc. My favorite page: blank except for the words "Eventually we have to choose." A lovely and intriguing book. PP #121. Item #11382

Price: $1,500.00