The Moon-Hare and the Lynx. Bonnie Bishop.

The Moon-Hare and the Lynx.

Cornville, ME: 2018. Unique artist's book, pop-up in carousel format, with circle poem, executed in hand-painted and collaged papers on black Stonehenge papers for background structure and box, various mould-made papers for collages and watercolor papers for pop-ups, lettered in white and purple inks, signed and dated in silver by the artist, Bonnie Bishop, on the bottom of first page. Page size: 8 (W) x 10(L) inches; 16-inch diameter circle when open; 16pp. Bound by the artist, Bonnie Bishop, folios through which a dowel slides forming the "spine" of the book, top of dowel is black knob, housed in black stiff paper lidded box, The text runs along the bottom of each page. The lynx chases the hare over white / blue tundra under the purple northern lights. The collaged Moon-Hare and Lynx figures leap off each page, wrapping around to the following. A sense of motion is perfectly conveyed. When the white hare jumps and lands on the moon, the lynx is astonished, and the reader is beguiled. On each page the constellation for the Lynx is on verso and the constellation for Hare (Lepus) in on the recto. To assemble the carousel, each page spread is unfurled and the dowel slides through the spine paper loops. The bottom of each page folds up so that the standing carousel has the text as the platform on which the lynx and hare play out their story of survival in the Arctic. This is a movable book with a structure that conveys the meaning of the images and verse reflecting the circle of life (except for jumping into the moon, of course). It is, all at once, quite beautiful and simply wonderful. Item #11370

Price: $3,750.00

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