Slime Molds Have Eleven Sexes. Poem by Margaret Price. Nancy Ruth Leavitt.

Slime Molds Have Eleven Sexes. Poem by Margaret Price.

Stillwater, ME: 2018. Artist's book, one in a series of three all on Katie MacGregor hand-made papers, the suite of plates on paper made by Ms. MacGregor and "Pulp Painted" while in the mold by Ms. Leavitt, signed and numbered by her on the colophon. Page size: 15(W) x 10-1/4(L) inches for volume with text of poem and plates; plate portfolio: 18(W) x 12(L) inches; 10pp; and 11 original prints in separate portfolio. Bound by Joelle Webber: full lime green book cloth over boards for text and plate volume with original pulp paintings in oranges and greens inset into front panel, matching print portfolio in larger size; both laid into an orange cloth over boards custom-made clamshell box, hand-lettered paper label in lime green on white inset into spine, the whole a playful and arresting presentation. The artist's choice of text, the poem "Slime Molds Have Eleven Sexes" by Professor Margaret Price (Ohio State University) is a playful list of nature's more obscure creatures. Her verse was originally published in "Gay and Lesbian Review" in November / December 2003. The slime mold vocabulary (each print is labeled) is: Eukarya, Protista, Zygote, Dictyolsteliomycota, Sporangium, Spores, Amoeboid, Flagella, Mitosis, and Plasmodium. The original prints are paper pulp paintings made by Ms. Leavitt with Katie MacGregor papers. Working with Ms. MacGregor, the artist assembled her pulp colors in plastic squeeze bottles and "squirted" them onto a formed sheet of wet paper. The effect is at once organic (as befits slime molds) and colorful with a depth and texture also befitting the organisms. The artist has hand lettered each print with the name of the mold in a colored gouache complementary to each pulp paper painting. The text is lettered in multi-colored gouache harmonizing with the paintings - mostly orange, shades of green, yellow, pink and blue. The entire presentation is witty and charming - words not usually associated with molds. Such is the talent of the artist, Nancy Leavitt, that she was able to accomplish such beautiful work. Item #11364

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