Greek Tragedies. Extrapolations from works by Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles. Paul Maurer.

Greek Tragedies. Extrapolations from works by Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles.

Serafina, NM: 2017. Artist's book, 1 of 3 copies, Rives BFK, various Japanese papers including Kozo Mulberry, Strathmore Printmaking inserts, each signed, numbered and dated by the artist on the hand-written colophon, also signed and numbered on the inside front cover. Page size (including covers and flyleaves): 15 x 10 inches; 24pp. + colophon affixed to inside of back wrapper. Bound: hand-sewn in black Rives BFK wrappers with original print made from hand-but rubber stamp on front cover, title printed in gold and silver in stylized "Greek" script; housed in purple portfolio with printed label on front panel, here printed in black and pale red. The Kozo papers at front and back introduce the images and text perfectly with block prints of the same image used on front cover but this time printed in a pale gold bordered in red with images associated with the art of ancient Greece. The calligraphy is accomplished with metal pens, black sumi ink, red acrylic ink and pan-gold highlights. The hand-cut rubber blocks were printed with water-bade inks. The titlepage repeats the print on the cover, this time printed in black, gold, red, blue, and turquoise. Each page of text is bordered at right edge hand-painted red line at deckle. There are four full-page prints in black, red, gold and turquoise. There are 4 text pages: Aeschylus PROMETHEUS BOUND and Sophocles O[E]DIPUS REX and ANTIGONE and Euripides MEDEA. Each page - lettered in black and red - contains quotations from these classic dramas. The pages of text are separated by inserts with portions of the full-page prints but here on Strathmore and in black (not multi-color) only (a portion of print with portions of the play!). Bold hand-lettering and bold block prints - a reflection of the ancient world but not copied - make this a beautiful book. The reader / viewer is encouraged to return to these archetypal stories - provoked by their greatness. Item #11333

Price: $2,000.00

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