Pentimento / Marking Time. Claire Jeanine Satin.
Pentimento / Marking Time.

Pentimento / Marking Time.

Dania Beach, FL: 2009. Artist's book, unique, part of an on-going series of unique books called PENTIMENTO, referencing interpenetration, transparency and indeterminacy. This book printed on acetate with silver, gold, and neon cerise ink and metallic overprinting. Page size: 11 x 8.5 inches; 40pp; (10 sheets). Bound by the artist: 32 pieces of clear monofilament with attached glass and metal beads (2 strands through each of 16 holes) and letters in acetate or metal spelling MARKING TIME, monofilament at spine; monofilament untrimmed and about 6 inches long; small (1-3/8 x 1-1/8-inch acetate card lettered by artist with title and signed and dated; attached with monofilament; housed in custom-made black cloth over boards clamshell box made to house book open.
Due to the use of transparent pages, all pages are presented simultaneously, resulting in the reader / viewer seeing the entire book at once. The book is meant to be displayed standing up with pages fanned out rounding the book's shape. The text and images are generated and manipulated images from an 1880's experiment in a physics book. Numbers morph into letters which, in turn, form sayings about time (Time Is Money, Time Warp, In Record Time, etc.) as a result of "passing through" scientific equipment. Each page is ringed with sayings which also appear coming out of glass beakers etc. Small clocks with various times surround the pages as well. The fleeting and ephemeral nature of time is made palpable with the artist's images and words. A work of imagination that entices the reader / viewer to reconsider the meaning of time, the passing of time, the direction of time, etc.
The word pentimento refers to the concept of reappearances, hence the use of transparency and the resulting visual multiplicity. Influenced by the late avant-garde composer, philosopher and poet, John Cage, Claire Satin's work embodies and furthers his ideas of chance operations as a means of locating a single response among a multiplicity of answers. Satin's beautiful book may be viewed as a piece of sculpture: it is certainly three-dimensional in ways that most books are not. Additionally, the pages are not sequential but can be read at random. The beauty of each page is dependent on versos and rectos viewed as part of a whole - or viewed more than one at a time - a chance viewing. Monofilaments with beads loosely refer to book marks, but then again, they mark no specific passage but refer to the whole. Using industrial materials and processes, she has created this beautiful book encouraging contemplation of the theory of time. The artist has stated, "My work becomes a book the instant one recognizes its potential 'to read.'" Featured in the Guild of Book Workers 2009 exhibition "Marking Time." Item #11329

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