Item #11320 Coming Down to Earth. Sandra Jackman.

Coming Down to Earth.

[New York]: 2017. Unique artist's book, all on photo paper, acid free papers and adhesives. signed and dated by the artist on front cover and on lower interior spine. Page size: 12 x 10 inches; 23 pages featuring original artwork and text by Sandra Jackman as well as some collaged text on photo paper from Lewis Carroll's poem THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK, plus 25 blank pages following the text "NOTHING MORE WILL HAPPEN HERE". The reader is invited to use these pages for notations as readers do - on the margins of a page. Bound by Brewer-Contino in black paper over boards with black leatherette (Snark skin?) spine, original painted and lettered collage by the artist on front panel with title and artist hand-lettered by Ms. Jackman, The inside cover features a paper collage of inked and torn papers meant to mimic the turbulent sea; the first page includes a hairnet to capture the fallen; housed in a custom-made black leatherette clamshell box with title blind-stamped on front panel, signed by artist on interior spine back.
Each page contains hand-lettered text as well as original collage, in ink and tempera, torn papers, photographs, digitally-printed text, all in a feverish mix of despair - a long, anguished cry railing against the inequities in today's world. The artist writes, "COMING DOWN TO EARTH is an expressionist construct of ideas and images that formed as I read Lewis Carroll's epic "nonsense poem", THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK (published in 1876). A dialogue of sorts ensued… the pages of my book reflect as an intrusion of the time we live in. How a story is told and the refrain (A HUNTING WE WILL GO) march through the pages like a cautionary tale. In Carroll's poem a cast of characters from a variety of occupations all starting with the letter B that includes a beaver … sign on to an expedition that hasn't a remote connection to anything they have experience in or are equipped to deal with. They are lured by an appetite to taste something unique. When it is too late, they grow aware of dangers. Becoming the prey themselves is a possibility since what they seek has a dangerous counterpart, a BOOJUM with an appetite of its own. The HUNTING OF THE SNARK an Agony in Eight FITS appealed to my connect the dots mentality as an allegory for the remarkable world of the 21st century - an expedition into strange uncharted territories."
Visually haunting, the artist uses images and text that are assembled and disassembled. The word hunting takes on a very sinister aspect and the images reflect the deeper meanings. Intricate and complicated, this is a book for our time. Item #11320

Price: $5,000.00

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