Item #11316 Henrietta Reminisces. Sande Wascher-James.
Henrietta Reminisces.

Henrietta Reminisces.

Langley, WA: 2017. Artist's book, book object, consisting of five individual books fixed together as a sculpture, signed by the artist / author on the bottom cover of the base book, Sande Wascher-James, and dated 2017. The front cover of the top volume uses a vintage photograph of an anonymous woman named "Henrietta" by the artist. The edges of each volume have hand-written texts that is a story the artist has her character, Henrietta, tell. Each volume is the title of another person in Henrietta's life, with their story written on the book's three edges. Overall size of piece: 11.5(W) x 14(L) inches; page size per volume in inches: Henrietta 6.25(W) x 9.25(L), Etta 5.75(W) x 8.50(L), Jennie 5.5(W) x 8.5(L), Walter 5.5(W) x 8.5(L), Mother 6.25(W) x 9.25(L). Books consist of blank book blocks, which the artist has cased into Davey board and covered with multiple layers of mediums to achieve depth and antiqued feeling, including gesso and acrylic gel medium and lace fabric. The five books are held together as a large sculpture of stacked books firmly closed by several layers of PVA. The text starts, "I was reminiscing today, something I seem to do more often lately and sometimes not a good thing to do as it can make you melancholy..." Each of the texts are recollections of her mother, husband, daughter, and best friend, with her own exposition at the top. The artist / author has given a plausible life to the photograph of this woman, taking her out of the realm of "Anonymous Was a Woman" and into the realm of a reality. Item #11316

Price: $3,000.00

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