From Ernest Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon. Paul. Hemingway Maurer, Ernest.

From Ernest Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon.

Serafina, NM: 2017. Artist's book, one of 4 copies, on various papers, hand lettered with metal pens and sumi ink, original block prints with water-based inks, signed by the artist on the colophon. Page size: 7.5 x 8.25 inches; 24pp; + colophon. Bound by the artist: hand-sewn in red linen thread, brown paper wrappers that have been printed with overall pattern of deep brown and vertical rectangular image of matador standing and saluting the crowd with his red cape and sword in his hand on the front on gold gilt ground and a horizontal rectangle image of black bull on red ground, housed in cover stock brown paper with block print of matador inserting two banderillas (from the 2nd stage of the corrida) into the bull's shoulders. The dramatic titlepage, a block engraving printed in black and red is followed by an opening page spread that has the text starting, "So I went to Spain..." on the verso and an image of a bull and picador with the ensuing blood, The text lines are curved, following the block print lines. This is the relationship between each subsequent image and text page. The curving lines and bulls curving neck as well as the muleta are all intertwined to make striking images of the ritual that Hemingway describes as a tragedy. The artist's images are often stark, bold, and haunting. This Spanish spectacle is centuries old but is fast losing popular support. The sport in which it is certain that the bull dies is approaching its own demise. The shock of the corrida is aptly conveyed by Paul Maurer's images. The ambivalence of Hemingway's words, "If I could have made this enough of a book it would have had everything in it." which is the last text page, is indicative of another time. Item #11298

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