The Cruel Sport, An Excerpt. Paul. Daley Maurer, Robert.

The Cruel Sport, An Excerpt.

Serafina, NM: 2017. Artist's book, one of three copies only, all on various papers, signed by the artist, on the hand-written colophon. Page size: 9-1/2 x 9-7/8 inches; 22pp; + colophon and self-wrappers. Bound: hand sewn by the artist with red thread, turquoise wrappers with original block print in black on red ground of race car and driver on front with gold metal dingbat impression, another block print on back panel on turquoise ground with red frame, single block print extending from front to back cover, the images conveying a real sense of speed and motion inherent in this sport; inside covers with additional woodblock prints (2 each) of small images of the race cars, highlighted with gold-gilt dingbats, housed in mauve cardstock case with woodblock of racecar in black and turquoise on front cover. The title page is block-printed in black and red with image of car and drive racing towards the reader / viewer, turquoise border at top, reading: FROM ROBERT DALEY'S THE CRUEL SPORT 1956-1962. The opening text page reads, "Motor racing is the cruelest sport. It is also the most brilliant, because it is man wrestling with his demons on the edge of infinite." The text is highlighted by the same dingbats and images of race car coming forward against a blue sky and another, larger one of car and driver racing away for skyline in red flames and black smoke. Several pages on, we read "So death in motor racing - both to driver and spectator - is inevitable. - of the sixteen drivers who started the 1958 season ... seven are dead." The wood blocks are not of uniform size and are placed with a deft hand across each page spread. The impression of fleeting movement is conveyed - seeming effortlessly. The last page of CRUEL SPORT lists the names of the Grand Prix winners from 1956-1962 with the preceding page reading, "Grand Prix drivers differ from other athletes only in that they risk their lives. This brings to them a strong mystical streak, a feeling for the beauty of life and for the brevity of it." Robert Daley (1930-) is an American writer of novels and non-fiction. His 1963 non-fiction work, THE CRUEL SPORT, is the second (or third) of his books devoted to Grand Prix racing. Paul Maurer has created an homage to the sport and Daley's words that manages to capture in deceptively simple images the energy and speed and danger that define the sport. Item #11297

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