Yes, We Can. A Scrapbook of the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Elizabeth. Woody Guthrie McKee.

Yes, We Can. A Scrapbook of the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Pasadena, MD: 2008. Unique artist's book, on Arches Text Wove paper, signed and dated by the artist / author, Elizabeth McKee on the colophon. Page size: 10-1/8 x 6-3/16 inches; 22pp. + hand-painted and lettered endpapers. Bound: by the artist, Elizabeth McKee, exposed sewing on open spine, black imitation leather over boards, housed in black imitation leather envelope fastened with "Obama 08" pinback and white gros-grain ribbon.
The text of Woody Guthrie's iconic American song, "This Land Is Your Land," is hand lettered in Sumi and white gouache, gesso, each letter highlighted with red, orange, blue, green and tan gouache in and around the letter forms. Each page is on a painted ground of white, grey, tan, and black abstract, the song lyrics wind across the page spread, and beneath collaged (with acid free glue stick) images of President Obama, articles from magazines about the campaign, culminating with excerpts from President Obama's victory speech, Nov. 4, 2008.
The artist, Elizabeth McKee, notes she was part of the Maryland team that helped to win Virginia for Obama and the 1st District of Maryland for Kratovil. She adds in the colophon, "No doubt these centrist politicians will eventually disappoint an old leftist like me. But for the moment the victory is sweet." An especially moving reminder of a ground-breaking election. Item #11278

Price: $1,650.00