Wanderlust. Laura Davidson.


Boston, MA: 2017. Artist's book, one of 18 copies, all on Magnani Pescia paper, signed by the artist. Page size: 2-inch circle; 18pp. Bound: by the artist, tied with ribbon, housed in hand-made box covered in paper with print on lid; bottom of box is a copy of a farthing, made from covering a penny with paper layers, then painting and burnishing to get effect of coin. The pages are hand-colored letterpress prints, drawing of constellations with 24c. gold leaf, and a silverpoint portrait of the artist's father, a view of the Panama Canal, and a map of Europe, prints of drawings done by the artist's father while in the army. On the reverse, the maps are in ink and wash. The text reads, " I recall my father immersed in a world atlas, imagining himself walking every foot of terrain. As a young soldier he sketched the Panama Canal from his troopship and drew maps of Europe. When traveling he faithfully considers each itinerary in the guidebook. At 86 he is still planning... He calls his obsession wanderlust. The word has meaning beyond geography. It is a passion for life, much of which is terra incognito, without reservation."
A marvelous, tiny treasure, a tribute to the artist's father and to the curiosity that makes life so rich. Item #11275

Price: $900.00

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