Angel at the Gate. Introduction by Barry Pearce. Peter Kingston.

Angel at the Gate. Introduction by Barry Pearce.

Sydney, Australia: Hill End Press, 2017. Artist's book, one of six copies only, signed by the artist / author, Peter Kingston, and hand numbered on the colophon, signed as well on the linoprints and hand-colored etchings, all copies on Rising Stonehenge paper for the folios and texts and Iwaki Mulberry for the linoprints and wrapper and Kozo for the lid and base linings, etchings printed by Bill Mosley and Genevive Carroll at the Hill End Press on vintage Magnani Velata White Wove. Page size: 13-7/8 square; 64 folios which including 10 linocuts chine colle to inside rectos, +4 etchings laid in, wrappers with linoprint, "Spanish Steps" printed in red with white lines, housed in custom-made wood box with original linoprint after an image taken from the mural by Piero della Francesca, "Defeat of Chosroes". The box is lined on both sides with rubber-stamped Kozo paper consisting of a plethora of blue dragonflies in various shapes and sizes in flight. In Peter Kingston's Epilogue, he writes he is "paying homage to the inexplicable miracle by which Piero embraces even the most disturbing narratives of humanity by rationalizing them within his calm, logical intelligence. Thereby he forgives, and allows us to do the same..." Set in Bembo and printed by Nicholas Pounder at the sign of the Polar Bear, this is an elegant and carefully crafted book.
Barry Pearce, Emeritus Curator of Australian Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, comments in his excellent Introduction that, "Kingston's interest in a pictorial vernacular quite different from his own is a fascinating phenomenon...He is something of a dragonfly - una libellula - capable of being motionless when he so chooses, before suddenly darting unexpectedly here and there...And his curiosity is always profoundly respectful." An example of Pearce's observation is Kingston placing an iconic still image from Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" followed by Kingston's own linocut image of the Trevi fountain, with his all-knowing visage looking out at the viewer from the lower right corner (wonderful self-portrait). This is a mix of personal recollections and iconic images make up this unique "travel" book, revisiting those images that play such a crucial role in western civilization through the witty gaze of Peter Kingston. Item #11272

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