Triumph of the Will. Illustrated by Arthur Thrall and Walter Hamady. Armand Perishable Press. Schwerner.

Triumph of the Will. Illustrated by Arthur Thrall and Walter Hamady.

Mt. Horeb, WI: The Perishable Press, 1976. Unique copy with one-of-a-kind full blue-gray morocco designer binding by Samuel Feinstein, the book one of 150 copies on Frankfurt & Frankfurt Cream paper, signed by the author, Armand Schwerner, on the penultimate page. Page size: 8 x 7.5 inches and 5-3/4 x 7-1/4 inches; 24pp, 12 of which printed. Bound by Samuel Feinstein: full blue-gray morocco over boards with 22K "moon" gold tooling and onlays of red and yellow, with title on front panel and author's name on back panel, both panels with variations of the musical triangles created by Arthur Thrall for Hamady's use, spine gilt tooled with musical staves and notes bridging the designs on each panel. The triangles are gilt tooled with musical notations and 5-line staffs on either the blue/gray morocco or maroon onlays, gilt-tooling over gold morocco triangles at right angles to top and bottom of large triangles, repeating the triangles within triangles theme. Turn-ins with gilt-tooled squares (notes); sewn on tabs to ensure book opens flat, original wrappers of blue-gray French marbled paper, with diel-cut profile emerging from the front center in a swirling sea of pattern and color; signed at rear tail turn-in, in gold gilt, "Samuel Feinstein" housed in grey cloth over boards with Ultrasuede lining. Laid in is original publication announcement from the Perishable Press featuring another reincarnation of Arthur Thrall's intriguing musical triangles. Printed in Sabon-Antiqua in blues, greens, reds, blind and brown on/into alternating papers. Hamady notes in his PP Bibliography that Arthur Thrall allowed free reign with his intaglio of triangular invention and that allowed a lot of playing with press, color & spatial locations. Consequently, triangles sit atop triangles, sit next to one another or next to one another, pyramid-like, all with the suggestion of notes and musical staff swirling in the confined space. Armand Schwerner (1927-1999) Belgian-born avant-garde Jewish-American poet taught at New York City area universities. PP #77. Item #10706

Price: $5,000.00