Sunscapes. Nancy Ruth Leavitt.


[Stillwater, ME: 2012]. Unique artist's book, on Arches text wove paste paper, signed and dated by the artist, Nancy Ruth Leavitt. Page size: 13 x 8.75 inches; 56pp. all of which are painted and 43 of which are painted and lettered. Bound: loose as issued by artist, housed in custom-made black cloth with orange flecks over boards clamshell box, interior of box lined with the artist's own pastepaper. The text is the artist's own, combined with the text from a publication of metal furniture manufacturer, Steelcase, Inc., who supply schools (among other institutions). The sun motifs were inspired by children's drawings and rock petroglyphs. In vibrant orange, yellow, and gold, this book is like a warm summer day. The artist has created a vibrant page by lettering on the paper and then painting with chalk pastels and then pasting it. Additional lettering and paint in gouache and watercolor were then added. The result is a resounding luminosity - many times in a sunburst pattern. _Words related to the sun, as well as facts relating to earth's source of light, radiate out on some pages while others are traditional lettering, but all are on a ground of pink, orange and yellow. For example, below a green sphere, lettered in blue, is the text, "Chloroplasts give plants / their green color and use / light energy to power / the formation of organic / compounds, in a process / called photosynthesis." There are further pages about white light and color. We are reminded of the very basic relationship of man to the sun, from the dawn of time with man's early attempts to mark seasons. One page is devoted to color - and the visible spectrum. The effects of light and vision which are so central to the human psyche are beautifully written out in words and visually portrayed in a gorgeous sunburst of yellows and pinks. Reading / viewing this book is to feel the warmth of the sun and to revel in it. Item #10567

Price: $4,500.00

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