Sooner or Later (Words Won't Matter). Sandra Jackman.
Sooner or Later (Words Won't Matter).

Sooner or Later (Words Won't Matter).

[New York: 2010]. Unique artist's book, on archival paper, signed and dated by the artist, Sandra Jackman, on the inside back cover. Page size: 4 x 6 inches; 76pp. decorated followed by 26 blank pages. Bound: black leather with the title stamped in blind on the front panel and the author / artist's name, Sandra Jackman, on the back panel, with small white figure above name painted on leather by the artist, top and bottom edge decorated in paint and ink, fore edge sheets painted various colors, black and white headbands, housed in black cloth over boards slipcase, collaged with pen and ink of man's face on front with the tit; hand lettered by the author/artist, who has also lettered her name below title, back of slipcase with original collage of grotesque figure - face and torso covered in black for face and white for torso over title spelled out in 3-d gold letters. The author / artist has created this tale in words and images with archival and acid free inks. Some of the pages are collaged, some are highlighted with red ink, or gold, some have silver paper, one of the pages has a circular onlay that opens to reveal text below, one of the page spreads has both the recto and verso cut away to reveal parts that interlock, original negative and photograph also bound in.
The author tells us the story: a "seductive promise (by the Ruling Bodies) to gift a female child (whose bloodline might be significant) with the power of words to persuade sets off hostilities and jealousies amongst various beings that co-exist in a landscape where a mysterious spirit known as the Bitter Poet causes unrest. Time moves forward though clocks no longer tick. The reader is welcome to read in to this book whatever suits their thinking."
Sandra Jackman's graphic novel, hand written and painted, is a microcosm of contemporary ills. Monsters of the mundane all decorate / haunt these pages, until, finally, words don't matter and the pages are blank. A terrifying parable of our times. Item #10496

Price: $6,000.00

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