Keeping Time. Sarah Plimpton.

Keeping Time.

[New York: 2009]. Artist's book, one of 15 copies, all on Tosa Washi paper, each signed and numbered by the artist / author, Sarah Plimpton. Page size: 15-5/8 x 11-7/8 inches; plus letterpress printed text of poem on small sheet 6-3/8 x 5-3/8 inches. 10pp. Bound: loose in grey paper wrappers and housed in grey custom-made cloth over boards clamshell box by Claudia Cohen, label printed in gold gilt on paper on spine with title and author's name. The book was set in Filosophia type and printed letterpress by Brad Ewing at The Grenfell Press. There are 10 reduction woodcuts printed in several shades of grey, black, magenta, blue, brown and chartreuse. The text reads, "the sky is black on one side / keeping time / where the clouds disappear / crossing out the sun / one hand is up / to point / the horizon is too far / to see" and is beautifully enfolded and set in motion by the abstract yet tangible forms that sweep across the pages.
By using reduction woodcuts, the artist has used the image medium, and images themselves, to restate her words. Reduction woodcuts involve working with a single block, printing a color, cutting more of the block and printing this new reduced image over the first print, and so on. Despite the technical challenges of reduction woodcuts, she has succeeded in creating motion from a static medium. Her images are "keeping time" on page after page as we feel the sweep of the moving sky. This is Ms. Plimpton's ability for bringing the natural world to human grasp again manifest. Item #10279

Price: $1,200.00