Flora and Fauna. Laura Davidson.

Flora and Fauna.

Boston: 2008. Deck of cards, one of 20 copies all on magnani pescia paper, each signed and numbered by the artist in the plate.. Size: 3-3/8 x 2-3/8 inches; 54 cards (deck of 52 plus 2 "jokers"); housed in hand-made mahogany box with colophon that is hand-colored dry-point etching by the artist and ornamented with water colored green-leaf vine and 23 caret gold gilt crown, signed and dated and numbered in the plate. The "Jokers" are each a rabbit - and the artist tells us that anyone who has had a vegetable garden will understand this choice. Ms. Davidson tells us her "jumping off point" was the rich history of Transformation Cards, wherein "each of the pip cards has been changed (transformed) by the addition of drawings that include each of the pips as part of the picture. The result can be artistic or humorous." (International Playing Card Society) In this case, Ms. Davidson has achieved both. The pip images are hand-colored dry point etchings with lino cuts in tan and white on the reverse. All images are of the natural world: flowers, insects, birds, weeds, trees and all incorporate the correct number of pips in the correct suit for each card. The Queen of Clubs, for example, is a picture of a queen bee followed by worker bee with a 23c. gold gilt crown at the top of the card. The King of Clubs is a Monarch Butterfly, again with a 23c. gold gilt crown at the top of the card. The Ace of Hearts is a coconut palm with the single heart shown as the coconut nestled in the palm's green branches. The Eight of Spades is a Dutchman's Britches stalk with the eight spades as the flowers. The Six of Diamonds shows a hummingbird taking nectar from a flower made of diamonds (5) with the 6th diamond forming the hummingbird's throat. The "Queen of Hearts" is an apple tree with a red "heart" apple hanging from one of the green branches just above an apple barrel full of red heart apples. All suits of Kings and Queens have 23c. gold gilt crowns at the top; all suits of Jacks have silver colored crowns at the top (aluminum). The delights of the natural world made visible - flowers, trees, birds and insects in colorful and beautifully designed images! Item #10108

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