William T. Vollmann A Critical Companion. Contributions by George Bauer; Carla Bolte; Aaron Chandler; Heather Corcoran; John K. Cos; Okla Elliott; James Franco; Jonathan Franzen; Michael Glawogger; Mariya Gusev; Joshua Jensen; Priscilla Juvelis; Miles; Larry McCaffery; Francoise Palleau-Papin; Melissa Petro; Jordan A. Rothacker; Bryan Santin; Geoffrey D. Smith; Mary Austin Speaker; Michael K. Walonen and Buell Wisner.

Wilmington, DE: University of Delaware Press / R & L Publishers, 2014. New collection of essays on the work of William T. Vollmann makes a case for regarding William T. Vollmann as the most ambitious, productive and important living author in the US. His oeuvre not only includes outstanding work in numerous literary genres, but also global reportage, ethical treatises, paintings, photographs, and artist's books. Item #10823

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